A ten-minute poem

(I used to write a page of rhymes every morning, but one day I was behind schedule, so I just set a timer for ten minutes and wrote as fast as possible, and I found that the time constraint¬†was an extra aid in beating back the crippling perfectionism. Now I do this every day. Here’s today’s entry.)

The humper-dinkled frankincense and blue ecstatic rays
Of auburn-crested waves of shattered light
Beneath the purple melodies that haunted all our days
With angry machinations of delight
Away from all the vanities that cackled in my ear
To steal the love and beauty from my time
As hope and joy grew paranoid and wracked with petty fears
Alone and introspecting all the grime
Ballooning without footprints, without meaning, without grace
With only vapid smiles to recompense
The beauty that was wasted on the madness in her face
And never found a way to make more sense
But I sail on to roam these seas of infinite desire
Believing that my ship is still my friend
With just a lonely star to guide me back to where the fires
Still burn with love that never has an end
My hopefulness unfurled and flying colors off my bow
Whatever winds may toss me back and forth
To wrestle with the why and not get caught up in the how
Shall be my only compass pointing north