A poem I found the other day

The other day I stumbled across an old poem that I wrote when I was 20 years old, so almost 12 years ago:


He lived in average luxury

But life was not a breeze

And the pleasures that surrounded him

No longer seemed to please

The boredom grew and strangled him

It burned inside his mind

And so one day he packed his bags

And left his world behind

He drove for several hundred miles

Until the motor died

Then held out his thumb on the side of the road

And waited for a ride

While walking fast so he could feel

Within a state of change

That nothing could derail him now,

The heavens were in range

With many people he rode on,

Further and further south

For the tastes and smells of that strange land

Still lingered in his mouth

And he was tired of shivering

In an air-conditioned world

He longed for the stench, the dust, and fumes

Of those memories that seemed blurred

Like animals, who, homeward-bound,

Feel drawn and do not flinch

He felt his goal grow closer

With every passing inch

Before too long he reached the line

The temperature was rising

They stamped his passport and he passed

The experience was inspiring

For he had done what they all dream

He’d simply run away

His life belonged to him alone,

He’d truly seized the day

But now the question lingered:

How long could he remain?

Could he make this dream reality?

Or was he just insane?

When all his money has run out

Will he somehow make more?

Or have no choice but to return

To the life he lived before?

Would he have been far wiser

To have planned it all for years

And never do what we all would

Could we o’ercome our fear?

So this is your decision,

As the reader you have a say

Will he flourish in this brand new world?

Or will he fade away?

So ponder the significance

Of daring to rebel

From a world that tells us how to live

Yet keeps us trapped in hell


I think the lesson here is that you’re going to follow your dreams eventually, so you may as well do it while you’re young and unattached. Time is short. Don’t waste it.